1110 is a planned outdoor scene for sound art on Klosterøya (Cloister Island) in Skien, Norway. Opening is planned for spring 2021.
The sculpture will have 24 speakers and play works by well-known and unknown Norwegian and international sound artists and composers. The project is a collaboration between Steinar Moe Eiendom, Telemark county municipality and Spriten Kunsthall and is part of the decoration of the new Skien high school.

The project is initiated and led by artist Eirin Støen and the sculpture was designed by Rintala / Eggertsson Architects . Notam assists with the installation of technical equipment.

The sound is perceived locally inside 1110, but appears in the immediate area. The music is played when there is daylight. A work is usually played for 2 - 6 weeks.

The audio is played from a Mac with Logic, Ableton Live or ProTools. The Mac is situated in a small control room about 70 meters from 1110.

The 1110 has a variety of sensors in addition to a camera that sends real-time data to the Mac. These data are available as OSC and can be used at work if one wishes. The data is also available via ftp. There are also connection points in 1110 that allow for the use of the composer's own sensors.

List of OSC sources:
- optical motion sensors
- anemometer (wind gauge)
- accelerometer on the bridge
- hydrophones?

1110 is curated by Spriten Kunsthall and Skien high school.


1110 is supported by

KulturrådetKORO TFK Skien VGS Spriten